A pixel is a light sensitive cell that resides on a sensor.

Mega Pixel

It is a term used to refer the size of an image, usually in reference to a photo from digital camera or camera phone. Megapixel means one million pixels, the resolution of cameras are often measured as megapixels. For e.g. 8 megapixel camera can produce 8 million total pixels. Pixels are usually square and form a grid, a 1-megapixel camera will produce an image roughly 1200 pixels wide by 900 pixels high.

Usually a high megapixel is mostly useful for taking images suitable for viewing on a computer or a printing device. More megapixel is important when viewed on a phone while zooming in or cropping a image. Some phones with high megapixel camera aids its users to zoom the image in & out without losing the quality of image. Phones with more megapixels are usually more costly than compared to less megapixel cameras.

The higher the megapixel counts on a camera sensor, the greater amount of detail that can be captured in a picture. For instance, a 6MP sensor captures roughly 50% more detail in an image than a 4MP sensor and double what a 3MP sensor has and four times that of a 1.5MP sensor

The size of the sensor matters a lot. The larger the sensor, the larger your pixels, and the larger the pixels, the more light you can collect. The more light you can catch, the better your image can be.

Now a day’s megapixel is become one of the most important criteria while choosing a phone or a digital camera. One of the main reason for this is the popularity of social media. Since everybody is now interested to upload pictures on the social media sites. Therefore the demand of high megapixel phones or cameras has increased.

Megapixels matters most at the size of the final image. One need to buy a camera or smart phone whose megapixel matches how one want to use the image as. Such as, if the image/ picture has to be printed it require to be clicked with high megapixel cameras because the print quality depends on the pixels to define the image/ picture.


The more the megapixel means, one can collect more data. This helps in collecting more detail in the photograph. These are very helpful when taking photos of scenes with lots of details in it.


Cropping is mostly done to enhance the photographs composition. If one needs to crop an image, more mega pixel camera can be used to ensure highest possible quality after the cropping of image is done.

For e.g., it will be much advantageous in a professional scenario, where a photograph may be needed to appear at high resolution.

Large Format Printing

More mega pixels are also an advantageous for taking larger prints, it gives the better quality print images. The more resolution, the larger the potential print size. e.g. Printing of posters, banners etc


The higher the resolution, the better the options for resizing or “down-sampling” images

Overall quality of image

High megapixel, better resolution and good quality photographs, hence it enhances the overall quality of images/ pictures.

In order to take a picture, the camera needs to absorb the light through the lens on the sensor. Typically the more light, the better the resulting image that the sensor perceives. The problem is that as one pack in more and more pixels onto a sensor, the less light that the sensor will see for each pixel.

Having more megapixels than one require can hurt the quality of the image/ picture. Since when one uploads the picture on social media sites or output it to a printer, the image will be downsized automatically. Photos with very high megapixels will take longer time to upload.

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