Tips for getting better output from mobile camera

Tips for getting better output from mobile camera

The cameras in cell phones just keep getting better and better. Features like auto-focus, flash, and high-resolution image sensors have made grainy, unfocused, washed-out cell-phone shots largely a thing of the past. With the right settings and a few handy tips, though, a cell phone camera can take some fantastic shots. Even if you have a pretty crummy camera phone, following some of the guidelines below will greatly improve your chances of snapping a decent photo.

  1. Shoot at High Quality

By default, many cameras aren’t set to shoot in high-quality mode, and this is often true of cell phones too. Go into your camera settings and check to make sure you shooting at maximum resolution and that picture or image quality is set at the highest setting

  1. Light is the answer

Let’s not forget that photography is all about using light. Even the most boring composition will be saved by the good light no matter if it’s a day or evening.

  1. Don’t use zoom

It is the first step towards taking a bad smartphone picture. If you want to zoom in on something, use your legs and move! Don’t forget that this is just a phone, and its opportunities are not those of a DSLR lens

  1. Keep Your Lens Clean

A simple but important point: As we tend to keep our phone in our jeans pockets or handbags, give your lens a quick wipe before you shoot. It is a lint and dust magnet in there!

  1. Use back camera, No front Camera

The front camera makes it easier to take your selfies. It however doesn’t eliminate the fact that the front camera in general has lower resolution than the back. This is mainly because the back camera is better equipped with more megapixels whereas the front camera’s function is supposed to be for video conferencing.

  1. Set The Focus

The most important thing to look out for when taking a photo is to make sure that your subject is in sharp focus. If your subject is moving around, make sure you tap the screen just before you take the shot to ensure that they are in focus.

  1. Shoot From Different Perspectives

You should always look at alternative points of view when taking your photos at any location. Most beginners will take shots from a standing position

  1. Take Multiple Shots

If you see something that catches your eye don’t just take one shot and hope for the best. The chances of getting a good photo with your first shot are very slim. You should take shots from various angles and distances.

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